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Palimony Litigation

Robert W. Hirsh & Assosiates is one of the few law firms having experience and expertise in the highly specialized area of palimony litigation.

Palimony cases are contract disputes. Palimony cases seek enforcement of written, oral, and implied cohabitation agreements, i.e., those made between two persons living together who do not possess a California marriage license.

Successful palimony claimants typically arise from the following relationships: the religious couple married by clergy who failed to obtain a marriage license, a long term boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, and a long term alternative lifestyle relationship. The common theme is that two persons lived together and there was an express or implied contract between them governing property rights.

Unlike marital dissolution cases, a party in a palimony case has the right to a jury trial.

Robert W. Hirsh's expertise in contract, real estate and business litigation is invaluable to the firm's palimony practice.

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