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Appeals and Writs

Robert W. Hirsh & Associates has a strong appellate practice in which it represents clients before the following state and federal appellate courts: California Supreme Court, California Court of Appeals, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Ninth Circuit.

Robert W.Hirsh & Associates’ Appeals Practice
Robert W. Hirsh &  Associates represents Appellants and Respondents in its appeals practice.

When presented with a potential appeal from an Appellant, we carefully evaluate it, and provide the client with an objective assessment of its likelihood of success. If the appeal has merit and the client decides to proceed, we prepare all necessary briefs, present oral argument, and seek and/or oppose further review in the California Supreme Court. Our approach in representing Respondents in opposing appeals is similar.

Successful appellate advocacy entails two basic elements: effective brief writing, and the ability to argue well before the appellate tribunal.

Effective legal briefs are tightly written with no verbosity. Robert W. Hirsh & Associates prides itself on its brief writing skills, which our principal, Robert W. Hirsh, learned from his training with some of the most eminent judges and attorneys in the United States. In addition, successful brief writing requires knowing what to include, what to exclude, what to emphasize, and what to downplay. “Less is often more.” Effective writing also requires a thorough understanding of each case’s facts, the applicable law, and common sense.

Robert W. Hirsh typically argues the firm's appeals. His intense preparation and ability to “think on his feet” enables Robert W. Hirsh to field complex questions from the most challenging jurist.

Robert W. Hirsh & Associates’ Writ Practice
Robert W. Hirsh & Associates seeks and/or opposes extraordinary writs for its clients in connection with non-appealable orders.

As with appeals, we carefully assess the merits of a potential writ petition and advise the client.

If the petition has merit and the client decides to proceed, we prepare the writ petition and other necessary documents, present oral argument, and seek further relief as necessary.


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