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Asset Protection and Workouts

Robert W. Hirsh & Associates’ Asset Protection Practice
Robert W. Hirsh & Associates recognizes that people are not perfect, and clients, who are potentially facing very serious future financial liability and risk, require asset protection legal services.

Robert W. Hirsh & Associates provides these services, which range from
pre-bankruptcy planning to the strategic transfer of assets within the permissible bounds of the law.

Robert W. Hirsh & Associates advises its clients how not to run afoul of the California Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act and the preference and fraudulent conveyance statutes of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Sometimes, bankruptcy may be the only viable option to assist a debtor. In that event, Robert W. Hirsh & Associates counsels its debtor clients on how to best protect their assets through effective pre-bankruptcy planning. 

Robert W. Hirsh & Associates advises its unsecured and/or undersecured creditor clients on  how to protect their interests when a debtor has defaulted and/or it appears imminent that a debtor will be defaulting on a serious financial  obligation.

Robert W. Hirsh & Associates’ Workouts Practice
Robert W. Hirsh & Associates represents lenders and borrowers in all facets of workouts, including but not limited to negotiating and documenting agreements which modify secured and unsecured loans.

These agreements may entail: modifying loan payments, reducing principal, providing additional and/or different security, and arranging a short sale.

Workouts often prevent a debtor from having to file bankruptcy.

Robert W. Hirsh’s relationships with leading tax attorneys and accountants assist the firm in crafting successful workouts.


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